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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who you calling a sell-out?

Remember this guy?

Musiq Soulchild - "Love"

That has now transformed into:
Musiq Soulchild - "Radio"

What?  Still not thoroughly irritated?  Well, let's look at another of your highly esteemed neo-soul saviors, before:

Raheem DeVaughn - You


Raheem DeVaughn- "Text Messages"

Yeah, you hear the Auto-Tune, don't you?  

'Twould appear these so-called "soul" artists have sold theirs...  But then again...mouths to feed, and all that rubbish...  
You be the judge. [jury, executioner, etc.]

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...


MizzBlaze said...

I think "Radio" is a nice song, but it's just so weird to hear it coming from Musiq...i guess u gotta make this money any way that you can!

kyra said...

UGH to both of those. i can KINDA see raheem taking that route since he's relatively new. but musiq's been around waaaay too long for this foolishness.