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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

T.I. & Rihanna x O-Zone [another Free Samples drop]

Peep that...and now peep this.

That's from Moldovan pop group O-Zone. The song is entitled "Dragostea din tei", which roughly translates into "Love of the Linden Trees".

The T.I. version was produced by Just Blaze. The reason that's important is that Blaze is an self-proclaimed internet junkie, and probably got the idea to sample that joint from this video:

Yeah, that video had 19 [count 'em] nineteen million hits. Make of that whatever you like.

Beloved Bone-us Item, as always:

I bring you a T.I. joint that didn't make it on the album. "Like I Do", featuring The-Dream, produced by Jazze Pha. It's a pretty good song [4 on the Shrug Scale], but it definitely doesn't belong on T.I.'s album. Jazze Pha did a good job on the beat, but it sounds more like a Tricky Stewart production; The-Dream probably co-produced. Even for a song that caters to females, it doesn't come off as too sappy. Click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

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