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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Because Indie Rock just doesn't get enough respect...

*ahem* What know you of People in Planes?

"If You Talk Too Much, My Head Will Explode", directed by Joaquin Phoenix

The indie quintet hails from Wales [+5 GFN Points for pointless rhyming]. Initallly being compared to Radiohead [not always in a good way], they offer a mellow, alternative sound, at times bordering on the progressive. Their first album, As Far As the Eye Can See, dropped back in '06, featuring the above video as their first single. Two years later, they return to the scene. Peep the cover art:

Album drops September 9th. That would

New singles? Of course. Here's the video they dropped for "Pretty Buildings":

Like? Good, for I bring more. I give thee the first official single from the new album, "Mayday (M'aidez)". It's a pretty nice track, not quite uptempo, and a little edgier than their earlier work. Bone apple teat.

Hope you enjoy. That's all, bipeds.

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