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Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Foreign Exchange album...

    For those not in the know, a while back, Phonte of Little Brother hooked up with Dutch producer Nicolay via okayplayer, trading ideas over email and IM.  Because of the nature of their origin, they decided to name themselves The Foreign Exchange.  They dropped an album back in '04, titled Connected, also referring to their origin.  If you don't have it, get it; dopeness all around.
On the real...I might soil myself...

And I bring viral vids...

Apparently, the first two vids are of other peoples convo's; skits, basically.  [Subject topics for the album?  We'll get to that later...]  The last one is of Phonte & Nicolay exchanging ideas/materials, etc.

Sound good?  You know it does.  But there's more.  Peep the excerpt from Groove Attack:

     Leave It All Behind finds The Foreign Exchange much closer in geography (Nicolay has since become a resident of Wilmington, NC), but located much further from their hip-hop origins. The album is a dark, multilayered affair that features Phonte showcasing his abilities as an exceptional lead and harmony vocalist, while Nicolay extends his musical palette to include sprinklings of jazz, downtempo, house and more.

     In addition to appearances from longtime Foreign Exchange affiliates Darien Brockington and Yahzarah, the album also features guest shots from producer/keyboardist Zo!, the fast rising star that is vocalist Muhsinah and a string arrangement by 4 Hero’s Marc Mac on “If She Breaks Your Heart”, a cover version of a forgotten Stevie Wonder gem.

And [AND] I bring you a tracklisting:

01. Daykeeper [*]
02. Take Off The Blues
03. All Or Nothing/Coming Home To You [*]
04. I Wanna Know
05. House Of Cards
06. Sweeter Than You
07. Valediction
08. If She Breaks Your Heart
09. If This Is Love
10. Something To Behold [*]
11. Leave It All Behind

Why did I mark certain tracks with asterisks?  *ahem*  Go back and watch the first and second video...and peep the screen names.  Truly  viral.  

Leave it All Behind is set to release on October 7th [digital copy]; October 10th [Europe, physical + instrumentals] and October 14th [US, physical + instrumentals].  Yes, instrumentals.  Just can't get any doper.

Oh, peep the official page.

As [almost always] the Beloved Bone-Us Item.  I bring thee a live performance of J*DaVeY's new single, "Dollar or More", on Ellen.  Apparently, Jack Davey used to work there.  I actually haven't heard this song before; I think I'll rip it.  Davey's live voice is a little...shaky.  Not bad, though.

And that, bipeds, is all.

Socialite Sign-off...

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