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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hollyweerd is in here...

So...what know you of Hollyweerd?

This would be the part where I give their back story, but...they've done that for me [sort of]:

One more vid. [You'll like this one more, I promise.]

Hollyweerd hails from the A, as mentioned in the first vid, and often record at Stankonia Studios. Peep the interview:

Did you like? Goody, because I bring goodies. As mentioned in the first and second vid, they dropped a mixtalbum [mixtape + album] semi-recently. Behold:

Oh, you can click that pic to get the mixtalbum. Go ahead...

Still a little apprehensive? Need more proof? Fair enough. Peep the audio link.

Hollyweerd - "Have You Ever Made to a Weerdo"
[the saxophone joint at the end of the first YouTube vid]

If you peeped the [long-ass] interview, you heard that Hollyweerd was originally a duo, and that Dreamer and Tuki started as solo artists. Sew...I bring additional treats for all. With a little finger grease [as in elbow grease, but for typing and clicking; try to keep up], I've managed to find material from Dreamer as a solo artist and Hollyweerd as a 2 man group. Let us go on...

Dreamer's eponymous solo album:

No, don't click that one for the download. It's good that you're paying attention, though.
Here's the link.

In case you're wondering if the album is worth the download, I bring a snippet. Enjoy.

Dreamer (feat. Fonzworth Bentley) - "The Art of Bowtie Pimpin'"

[Hear Andre 3000 on the chorus? Hmm...where's that sample from? Go ahead and think about it...we'll come back to that later.]

Oh, Dreamer also dropped a mixtape. Not sure if it was before or after the album, but I assume it was before. Here you go:

[Yes, you can click the pic for the download.]

As promised, joints from 2 man Hollyweerd, both pretty dope in their own light. Bone apple teat.

Hollyweerd (feat. Wayniac) - "Go Hard or Go Home"

Hollyweerd (feat. KED) - "Be Different"

Beloved Bone-us Item? Yop-yop. So earlier, I mentioned Andre being sampled on the chorus of "The Art of Bowtie Pimpin". Figured it out? Maybe. It was part of his verse on the remix of "So Fresh So Clean", featuring Snoop Dogg and Sleepy Brown, from the soundtrack of Snoop's movie Bones. Don't be embarrassed if you don't remember the movie; you didn't miss much. In any event, I'd bring you the link for that joint, but I...cannot. So I'll bring the next best thing: an embedded version.

I'll have the download link for that next time, I promise and assure you, along with the various audio rips from the videos Bouier keeps linking. Slipping, yes, I know. But I've more than made up for it with this post alone, right? Good. So until next time, that's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

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gamalam said...

I think this is the best pick you've posted on this blog since my sister hipped me here a month or so ago.

There is obviously something in the water in Atlanta. I don't know how they do it, but those kids really take the OutKast influence seriously and surge forth with fierce creative determination.

Thanks for the tip on these guys. I'm definitely going to check for them now.