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Monday, September 29, 2008

Very Quickly...

Some pretty dope songs that have some equally dope covers.

Electric Feel by MGMT

The same song as covered by Katy Perry. This makes me like her a little more, she was already dope though.

Next up,

Sex On Fire

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

Covered by James Morrison. Also, freshness. That picture of him in the video is hilarity however.


American Boy by Estelle.

Covered by...

Sam Sparro.

Ironically, I like all three of the covers more than I like the originals. Not to take anything away from the orignals of course.

The Blow-Us Item, well...none other than a new video from Coldplay.



Ever wanted to Create your own video game?

Then you should talk to Bob, the man who created a 20 hour long puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. Yes, a retail size game that he made on his own from scratch. Everything from the sprites, to the story, to even the game's music was made from scratch all from the mind of Bob himself. Impressive. And it only took him 5 years and 15,000 man hours to create it. So while you were in college, you could've also created a video game Mr/Mrs. Comp Sci major. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it, because it is obvious by this and so many more things that sky is the limit. Peep the official for more info about the game, it's developer, the reception that it has garnered, and a few videos of demo runs.

And since we are talking about video games, let's throw a little humor into the equation. Observe.



Friday, September 26, 2008

Luv for the LuvBugz

Yeah, Bouier just posted info on The LuvBugz.  You should've looked.  Did you?  Should've.  I did.  Dope?  Yes.  Otherwise, this post wouldn't exist.

You probably peeped the songs, and thought to yourself, "Man, these are hot, but I wish I didn't have to go to MySpace to enjoy them."  Come on...have we left you hanging ever before?  Why would this be the exception?  Peep:

Don't say I never gave you anything.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-Off...

What know you of The KnuX?

Been hearing about these guys a lot lately, but never followed up.  Upon catching this...I shalt sleep no more.

And then there's this..the sampler for their entire debut album, Remind Me in 3 Days.

Tracklisting for that is as follows:

1. Intro
2. F!re
 3. Cappuccino
 4. Bang! Bang!
 5. Roxanne
 6. The Train
  7. Powder Room
 8. Life in a Cage (Electric)
 9. Playboys
 10. Outro 

I also have three joints that will not be on that album:

All media c/o 2 Dope Boyz [<~~~~peep the official]

That's all, bipeds.

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40 Fonzarelli....

New vid:

E-40 (feat. Akon) - "Wake Up"

     As you can see, 40 has dreads now, as he promised us in some earlier song I can quite remember at the moment.  They're oddly fitting on him, though; distracts you from the fact that his glasses are five sizes too small.  I'm not too sure about this song.  It's definitely a step away from anything from his last album, the hyphy oozing My Ghetto Report Card.  But Akon's on it, and he's been known to make hits out of songs, so...we'll see.  Personally, I'm giving it a 2.5 on the Shrug Scale.  The aurora borealis in the vid is cool, though.  And I believe that's Nick Cannon DJing near the end.

And now, the Beloved Bone-Us Item:

The song is actually E-40's, but...figured a picture of Gucci Mane would be more entertaining.  Also...I'm fairly certain there won't [m]any other opportunities to show Gucci with his shirt off [pause], so here ya go.

E-40's "The Recipe", featuring Gucci Mane & Bun B.  It's also a step away from the sound of his last album, but not so mainstream.  The sample chop in the chorus was semi-interesting. Not a bad song, though.  E-40 must like Bun B a lot as a rapper; he was on two songs off of Report Card.  Bun B switches the topic slightly, offering a different recipe.  Hmm...let's give it a 3.5 on the Shrug Scale.  Oh, click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

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Heard ya moms be waxin polls...

Yop-yop, new poll on the site [to the right, to the right].

Here were the results from the last poll:

Who demonstrates the most heinous use of Auto-Tune?

Lil Wayne; I'm not a large fan of codeine-induced contraltos.655%

T-Pain STILL holds the to speak.327%

Kanye West; "Love Lockdown" was NOT the business.218%

Along with a comment left from one of our ever-faithful readers, gamalam:

Man, Weezy F has the setting on Autotune to the point where you can barely hear what he says sometimes on songs. It's supposed to fix your vocals, not distort it. Case in point, T-Pain's latest single that features Wayne. What the hell does Wayne say? I mean, I love T-Pain's verses... "I put you up in a mansion, somewhere out in WisCANsin" - IG'NANT GENIUS!

That's a vote for [or against?] Wayne, obviously.

Rules are just the same as last time: click to vote, leave a comment if you like, and poll closes in a week. That's Fri, Oct. 3rd, at midnight. [Zee-row hundred hours for the Army brats.]

And as always, your readership and participation is paramount.

That's all, bipeds.

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Barack Obama on Soul Train?

Not sure if that is really him, but you be the judge.


Yo Momma's on Crack Rock!!!

Sarah Palin edition.

"Well, it certainly does because our -- our next door neighbors are foreign countries. They're in the state that I am the executive of. And there in Russia --"

...Yes you are, yes you are...

Last night I ate a Burrito, that clearly makes qualified to become a leader of Mexico. I saw the moon as well, and because of such I am applying to NASA come Monday.

All I can say about this is, BITCHIZUTRIPPIN'? The Republican party has been getting ethered as of late...Don't believe me? I sign off with this.



Good Children get a Triple Dosage of Medicine

And to all of our valued readers, you've been hella dope. So I will hit you with three, count them three, new artist to check into. Brace yourself, this is gonna be a long one; which is ironically what I told her.

First up, what know ye of Menahan Street Band? Know ye little, yet ye know much.

Sound familiar? Well, it should. That little ditty was the primary sample for Jay-Z's Roc Boys. Infectious beauty if I must say so myself. Well, the collective eclectics hail from New York, Brooklyn to be exact; and mix a interesting blend of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Afro-Beat, and Hip-Hop to name a few in an effort to visually paint their aural sensations on the canvas of your mind. Furthermore the group is a amalgamation of several other bands; Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings and The Budos Band to name a couple of them. The band was brought into inception to shine a light on the talent that the various young musicians themselves actually have. Dopetastic. Want more from them, you know I holds it down. Peep the official.

Moving along, What do you know of Luv Bugz?

You clicked the image didn't you? Don't feel bad, we're laughing with you...promise. Well, these two hail from Houston, Texas and they describe their sound as a mix between New Wave and R&B. You can clearly hear the influence from such artist as Prince in their songs, if nothing else however, they definitely offer some dope lounge around music. Want to hear from them, click here.

Ha aha, ok, we're done fucking with you. This link is for real, click here to peep the official. Promise, for real this time.

Finally, Rodrigo y Gabriela? Ring a bell, no? Well, you know what it is.

The two guitarist actually met while playing in a Thrash Metal band, but decided to give it up in an effort to move to Ireland and to do simply acoustic shows as traveling musicians. They haven't looked back sense. They've received an ENORMOUS amount of reception for their talented picking and strumming and because of such have headlined numerous festivals and sold out the an equal amount of shows of their own. Their album, entitled Rodrigo y Gabriela, not only features their own pieces but covers of such great rock songs as Orion by Aerosmith and the legendary Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin. Insane. Added reinforcements, you got them.

Werd! Peep the official.

That is all for now kiddies,


Thursday, September 25, 2008

For real, Kanye?

No this ninja didn't drop the Pro Tools sessions from "Love Lockdown" on his blog.  Click the pic.

Here's the Beloved Bone-Us:

Patrick Stump, lead singer of Fall Out Boy, dropped a cover of "Love Lockdown" a few days prior.  Has some extra [read: rock] instrumentation, and gives it a little extra flavor.  Sadly, it's a little better than any of the versions that Kanye's dropped so far.  By "better", of course, I mean "easier on the ears".  I give it 3.5 on the Shrug Scale.  Click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-0ff...

What is this...Wordle?

Nope, didn't make it up.  Take a look, click to enlarge:

Wordle takes all the words on your page, and makes a cloud out of them.  I find this fairly dope.

EDIT: Took a screenshot of the large one:

I might make a weekly event of this.  They have different color schemes, styles, etc.  

That's all, bipeds.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEW MUSIC from Vampire Weekend

Song is entitled, Ottoman, and is on the Soundtrack for Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Click on the image for listening capabilities.

That is all for now,


T.I. x Bill Conti [yes, YET ANOTHER Free Samples drop...]

Hey, don't complain when I'm dropping knowledge. There'll be a quiz later...'s this:

T.I. - "Whatever You Like"

Right, and then there's this:

Bill Conti - "Redemption" [Rocky II Theme]

     And as always, the Beloved Bone-Us Item:

Yet another joint from T.I.  Get it?^  Come on, don't make that face.  How many T.I. pics have been on here in the last month?  Exactly.

     Another joint that was left on the cutting room floor.  "Let My Beat Pound" was produced by Jonathan "J.R." Rotem.  I can definitely see why this was dropped; if I told you that you needed this in your life, my pants would catch ablaze.  T.I. dumbs it down a notch; his voice reminds me of Shawty Lo.  Ehh...2.5 on the Shrug Scale.  But you might disagree.  Click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a reminder...

Yeah, just making sure everyone knows that the poll to the right [vote if you haven't already, puh-leeze] will only be there until Friday, leaving a whole...three fingers worth of days to vote, including today. So far, Lil Wayne is winning...well...if you call it that.

So yeah, new poll on Friday. About what? I'm not telling. Well...I guess I have to eventually, right? Nope!

And in case you didn't know, your readership and feedback means the galaxy to us.

Socialite Sign-off...

SWV & Missy Elliott x Green Grey [ANOTHER Free Samples Drop]

Remember this? (circa '97)

SWV (feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott) - "Can We", produced by Timbaland

Yop-yop. Now this is from 2002:

Green Grey - "MF" [What does that stand for? Cue to 1:20.]

Once you get past the initial reaction of "uhh...?", it's really not bad.

Russian house/trip-hop group Green Grey [or Грін Грей...yeah, how does that make you feel] is supposed to be a pretty big deal in Ukraine. Tried looking them up, but the only Russian words I know are Smirnoff and Stolichnaya.

Beloved Bone-Us? Sho'nuff.

Musiq Soulchild (feat. Mary J. Blige) - "If U Leave"

Somehow I missed this one. Not exactly new [a few weeks in the blogosphere, I think], but it still deserves to be cited. It's definitely a step away from the soulless blasphemy that is "Radio", making it already awesome in my book. I'm indifferent about Mary J, but she didn't do bad on this one. My only thing is that a lot of Musiq's ballads sort of sound the same, and this one sort of reminds me of "halfcrazy", mostly because of the 3/4 time signature. Still...3 on the Shrug Scale. Click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

T.I. & Rihanna x O-Zone [another Free Samples drop]

Peep that...and now peep this.

That's from Moldovan pop group O-Zone. The song is entitled "Dragostea din tei", which roughly translates into "Love of the Linden Trees".

The T.I. version was produced by Just Blaze. The reason that's important is that Blaze is an self-proclaimed internet junkie, and probably got the idea to sample that joint from this video:

Yeah, that video had 19 [count 'em] nineteen million hits. Make of that whatever you like.

Beloved Bone-us Item, as always:

I bring you a T.I. joint that didn't make it on the album. "Like I Do", featuring The-Dream, produced by Jazze Pha. It's a pretty good song [4 on the Shrug Scale], but it definitely doesn't belong on T.I.'s album. Jazze Pha did a good job on the beat, but it sounds more like a Tricky Stewart production; The-Dream probably co-produced. Even for a song that caters to females, it doesn't come off as too sappy. Click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

New Wale...

Entitled "I Will", featuring Xscape. Yes, I said "Xscape". It's not an essential Wale track, in my opinion, but it's Wale, so...still fairly needed. 2.5 on the Shrug Scale. Click the pic, as always.

Beloved Bone-Us? Certainly. I bring you a freestyle from Joe Budden and fresh young upstart Charles Hamilton. It's long, but...that's because it's a freestyle. Been hearing a lot about Hamilton lately; we'll see. He sounds semi-decent on this one, but the stop-and-go-flow throws me off a lil whenever I think he's about to go hard. And of course, Budden holds his own; didn't quite eat up Hamilton, but...Budden, nonetheless. Peep.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off... More Silly Shit of the Day

Has no one else seen this shit?

Wait till about :43....

One will thank me....


Been Gone for a minute...

But I'm back with the jumpoff.

Anywho, my charger committed suicide this weekend, so I was MIA. I apologize.

Here is where I offer you a gift to ameliorate my absence.

The Infamous, Paris, Tokyo Remix, featuring Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Sarah Greene.

"...I was there then I'm gone, Shalom. If you rep the Midwest, get a passport. If you from Detroit, get a passport."

One love, See you in Tokyo.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joints on DECK!!!

Pardon my excitement, just a lot of...shidd...
*passes out*

OK. Here we go.

New joints from the Napoleon of the South [think about it...]

Don't click the pic...this time.

So...T.I. has dropped a lot of songs lately in which he tackles real issues [I'm this close to using the word "adversity", but...any ninja who buys gats by the busload has to expect some sort of drama], namely "No Matter What", and the two songs I'm about to drop. Mind you, he also dropped "What's Up, What's Haapnin'", and "Swang Ya Rag", but...that's to be expected [once again, gats by the busload...]. Also, it's interesting to see Clifford step his cameo game up just a slice. So I bring thee:

T.I. (feat. Justin Timberlake) - "Dead & Gone"

T.I. (feat. Rihanna) - "Livin Your Life" [Extended Version]


Trey Songz rocked the M.I.A. "Paper Planes" beat. I'd upload a pic, but I couldn't find any that looked hetero enough, so...just peep.

[Yes, I'm aware that I'm highly wrong for this.]

What's this? Obama's dropping a mixtape? Oh, yes. It's to be entitled Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement. Not sure when it's dropping, but here go some joints:

Malik Yusef (feat. Kanye West & Adam Levine) - "Promised Land"

John Legend - "Pride in the Name of Love"

Those two joints c/o 2 Dope Boyz [<~~~peep the official], as are the... Beloved Bone-Us Items!! More colorful Joe Budden insight. Here's the first vid, from Royce Da 5'9":

And...Budden's response [peep the first thing he says]:

And Part 2 of that:

That...should explain itself. War is to be had.

That's all, bipeds.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Bond Song First Listen

Click on the image to be redirected to the new joint. I personally feel that it is a bit, eh, but it is hard to tell with out opening montage visual. It seems to fit the theme of the film however, because the new Bond is supposed to have a more gritty feel to it.

You be the judge.


Saw ya moms on a poll last week...and the results were HIGHLY conclusive...

New sitework: [to the right, to the right]

Yop-yop, added a poll to the page. You might have to scroll a bit...little more...there it is. Figured since the bloggers-that-be [that would be us] aren't the only bipeds with opinions, this would be a good way to get the general populace [that would be you] to drop insight on semi-relevant issues. I'll [try to] update every week with a new one...although she would take any poll, new or old...*ahem* But in the meantime, hope you enjoy. And as always, feedback is a win-win.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...


Back at it, apparently. "Lose Your Life", featuring Jadakiss, Pusha T, and Snoop on the hook. Pusha T killed it with the whisper flow. Click the pic.

And as [almost] always, the Beloved Bone-Us Item. Not [necessarily] a fan of JoJo, but this is pretty decent, and she kind of pwned T-Pain on his own shidd, so I bring thee her cover of "Can't Believe It". Bone Apple Teat. She also covered SWV's "Weak" on her first album, sew...find that, for your own sake.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the Indie Film world....

There exist great films. I'm going to hopefully expose you to a few of them.

Paris, Je T'Aime, which translates to Paris, I Love You. This film was an extremely dope effort that features a number of A-List actors, who work with a number of A-List directors in 20 short films, all of them about some form of love in The City of Lights. Definitely worth the $5 to rent, both for a date and if you are just looking for something to watch on an evening in. And don't worry, it isn't all in subtitles.

Well, based upon the success and reception of the film, there is another one on the way.

That's right all you people from The Big Apple, there is a film highlighting your unexplainable yet grandiosely outspoken love for your city. The film was presented at the TIFF, which much to my dismay I was unable to attend, along side such films as Miracle at St. Anna, RocknRolla, and this little under the radar dopeness...

Medicine for Melancholy, a film about two African American 20 somethings who have a one night stand, but subsequently end up spending the entire next day together by what we will call "chance." While together they discuss love, art, racial politics, and life in San Francisco. What? A film about intelligent and articulate African Americans who aren't in drag or preaching to me about church and/or church related things! Yes, your eyes do not fool you.

Now, the beloved Blow-Us item. I bring to you, two of my favorite short scenes from Paris, Je T'Aime.

Faubourg Saint-Denis.

And Place des Fetes.

One day you will thank me for all of which I have done for you. Until that day, you will just address me as...


TWO NEW Cool Kids Joints


Wasting Time is the title of the first joint.

Fresher Than You is the title of the second.

One day you will look back on this day and thank me. Until then, only address me as...


Foreign Exchange Sampler...

It just gets better and better...

Click the pic, and bask in the progressive goodness.

Once again, look for that in October. Peep the official.

And as [almost] always, the Beloved Bone-Us Item. I bring you new Fall Out Boy:

It's...ehh in my opinion. Sounds un-Fall Out Boy-ish in my opinion. 3/5 on the Shrug Scale. Click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NEW Robin Thicke

Entitled Dreamworld. The new album, Something Else, is slated to release on September 30th.

That is all.


This might zoot your tastes...

*ahem* What know you of Zoot Woman?

Zoot Woman - "Taken It All", Zoot Woman [sophomore album]
UK collective Zoot Woman are widely known for inspiring the inception of electroclash music. With a sound that blends New Wave lyrical concepts and sound textures with live instruments and subtle electro nuances, they've gathered quite a following. Another video? Sure:

"Grey Day", same album as before. more joint:

"Gem", same album [unofficial video]

Like? Good, because they're dropping a new album this year, entitled Things Are What They Used To Be. Here's the first single from that, "We Won't Break":

Hope you enjoy. That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

YET Another Kanye related post...

New Version of Love Lockdown.

Click on the image to hear the slightly better and more listenable version of the song. Also, that image is from the video shoot, as is this one.

Both images from Eskay over at Nah Right.

Not sure about you, but I have the feeling that this video is going to look a lot like this.

In related news: Homegirl has body in those pictures....That is all...


Monday, September 15, 2008

Land of the Rising Stars


What you know about Hiromi Uehara?

Japanese born pianist virtuoso is known for her energetic performances as well as her ability to blend various genres into one song. Genres such as jazz, fusion, classical, prog rock, etc. Not only this, but the pianist played with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 14, and at age 17 she went on to play for Chick Corea live on stage HELLA impromptu. Like, next day impromptu.

Need some audio/visual support, you know I got you. The next song is entitled Spiral, and this it is indeed a two part video

Part 1

Part 2

Beastly son!

The artist has 5 albums thus far, the three that I own are definitely worth the money. They are; Beyond Standard, Time Control, and Spiral. If you want to check out the site, peep game. It's the official.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Soloist Trailer

I'm willing to forgive Robert Downey Jr. for Tropic Thunder for this movie...

Granted, that it looks extremely well done and interesting, when I see the preview I can't help but to think of this...

Which is a great movie if you haven't seen it.

Perhaps...we'll see...

Oh, my Blow-us Item for today. Well, since we're discussing film, how about a slight taste of what the new Bond song is to sound like. You know the one that has Alicia Keys and Jack White on it. Yea, that one. Well, it has been used in a recent Coke Zero Ad, and even though it is only instrumental at this point I like the direction of the song. It sounds dopetastic. So without further ado,


Who you calling a sell-out?

Remember this guy?

Musiq Soulchild - "Love"

That has now transformed into:
Musiq Soulchild - "Radio"

What?  Still not thoroughly irritated?  Well, let's look at another of your highly esteemed neo-soul saviors, before:

Raheem DeVaughn - You


Raheem DeVaughn- "Text Messages"

Yeah, you hear the Auto-Tune, don't you?  

'Twould appear these so-called "soul" artists have sold theirs...  But then again...mouths to feed, and all that rubbish...  
You be the judge. [jury, executioner, etc.]

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How bout dem Apples?

Apple, believe it or not, is back at it...

[Note: See the pics in the yellow and orange iPods? Yeah...I'll be blogging about them at a later date...]

Behold, the fourth generation iPod nano. As you can see, it's now in 9 [count 'em] nine colors: Roy G. Bip [violet is subbed with pink], plus silver and black. If you were to ask me which is my favorite at the moment, I'd say the silver, simply because the black wheel makes it look bad-ass. But I digress...

The 4G iPod nano's design borrows slightly from the previous models, combining the slender design of the 2G with the widescreen from the 3G, only it's actually skinnier than the 2G, and rotates the 2 in. widescreen [think portrait instead of landscape]. The outside is composed entirely of aluminum and glass, and is fashioned into an ovoid shape. See below:

Of course, those of you with throwback nano's would be compelled to hate. After all, there's no discernible difference between the old and the new, right?


Did I mention that this is first iPod nano to include an accelerometer?
Simply by rotating the iPod, as you would with an iPhone or iPod Touch, the screen re-orients itself, allowing you to more appropriately indulge in movies, photos and games:

Also, the accelerometer will introduce a new level of play in the games, allowing you to control elements by rotating the iPod. And shaking your iPod while listening to music automatically randomizes your playlist.

Apple has discontinued the 80- and 160GB iPod Classic 6G in favor of a 120GB version. Same design, though.

New iPod Touch. As you can see, a chrome finish has been added, making look more like the iPhone. Apple has also added external volume buttons and an external speaker, after complaints from techies worldwide.

Finally, iTunes 8. Not many changes, but changes nonetheless...

One of changes is a revamp of the visualizations. Still the same purpose, visual scapes that pulsate in sync with the music, but the graphics are sexier, faster, more captivating. For those who find the new visualizations unfavorable [or CPU intensive], the classic visualizer is still included.

The Browser View option has been replaced by Grid View, allowing you to view your albums, movies, games, ringtones, etc, in...well, a grid. Basically, it's a widescape version of the Cover Flow View.

Last but far from least, the Genius playlist feature. By selecting a song, and clicking the Genius Button, iTunes searches your collection and comes up with 25, 50, 75, or 100 songs that reflect similar sounds and tastes. It also give you the option to save the playlist, and shows matching songs from the iTunes Store in a sidebar [above right]. I tried this feature with three different genres: electronica, R&B, and rock, and found it to work quite well, at times suggesting songs that I didn't even know I owned, and had never heard before, but still found to my liking. [The plight of having a 138 GB collection.] The Genius feature is also included on the iPod nano 4G and iPod Touch 2G.

To be able to completely reinvent the portable music industry on a yearly basis can't be an easy feat, but Apple certainly makes it appear so. And with ideas like these, one can only wonder what they'll drop next year.

Oh, photos and info c/o Apple.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...


As a photographer, I don't support the smashing of equipment. However, I hate paparazzi. Ye has had enough of the Flashing Lights apparently.


The word "Swagg" has become an epidemic!

But I will let it slide for this foolishness

Madness son...

I suppose I should hit you off with these Blow-us items as well. Some joints that you should be listening to, which I'm entitling, The Wonder of Stevie.

First up, one of my favorite Stevie wonder joints EVER. No, it's not A Ribbon in the Sky, though that is a GREAT song. It is a song called Superwoman (Where were You, When I Needed You).

Superwoman - Stevie Wonder

Like that? Well, I shall hold you down with the linkage. Shizzam!

Next up, another dope joint called Send One Your Love. As with the other, you may have heard it, but I believe that it deserves more play than it gets.

Send One Your Love - Stevie Wonder

Once again, linked up. Bamn!

Finally, the song All in Love is Fair.

all in love is fair - stevie wonder

Link: Click IT!

Wow kid, music stopped being this good a long time ago...sad but true...


O'Reilly vs. Obama Pt. 4



Jesse McCartney channeling Teddy Penderazz[down]?

Bouier's find, actually. Not sure why he hasn't put this up, but...peep nonetheless...

Tell me that wasn't halfway decent. Thought so. rip? Absolutely. Bone apple teat.

And as [almost] always [bonus points for alliteration], the Beloved Bone-Us Item. I bring thee a new joint from Killer Mike (feat. Shawty Lo) [don't worry; he only has one line].

Killer Mike (feat. Shawty Lo) - "2 Sides"

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

Pay what you OWE!! [Exclusives on deck.]

So...because I live a busy life, and because Bouier enjoys fucking with me [ask if you don't believe], there have been a lot of videos shown here that have gone unripped. Well...that will be rectified as of now. That's right, exclusives aplenty; I figure it couldn't hurt our page stats to give you something you won't find anywhere else. Just remember who loves you. Let us begin.

First off, the audio rip of the Junya Watanabe MAN Autumn-Winter 2007-08 show. Upon ripping it, I found it rather catchy, and was determined to find the tracklisting of the mix. Peep:
1.Goose - "Check"
2. Goose - "Everybody"
3.Goose - "Black Gloves"
4.Goose - "British Mode"
5.Vitalic - "Newman"
Goose is a Belgian electro rock collective, and Vitalic is a French electro artist, in case you were wondering. I'd link you to samples of their work, but...I suppose the mix will serve that purpose, no? Here you go.
Oh, peep the officials:

Next, the two new Lupe joints from when he performed at IU, previewing the new cuts for LupEND. Peep here and here. Also, Lupe's freestyle over the "Dear Summer" beat; enjoy.


Bringing their new single "Dollar or More", live on Ellen Degeneres' show. Bone apple teat.

A while ago, Bouier dropped the Dior Homme fashion show vid, for which French electro house group Justice did the soundtrack. Then I brought the audio rip. Then a few days ago, Bouier dropped what I assume will be the radio edit, truncated and with an extra guitar solo. [EDIT: The shorter version is just the last four minutes of the full version.] So I now bring the full version, same as the audio rip from before, except now in CD quality. "Planisphere" is unique because it offers a focused attempt at the classical baroque stylings that Justice usually only provides on the breaks of their other songs. 17 [count 'em] seventeen minutes long, and worth every second. Click the pic above, or click here.

M.I.A.'s demo of "Rain Dance". Here you go.

And as [almost] always, the Beloved Bone-Us Item:

I bring the instrumental for Common's "Announcement", featuring and produced by Pharrell. Click the pic.

*whew* That was a long one. [That's what she said.]

That's all, bipeds.

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Q-Tip Gettin' Up (Official)



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NEW Kanye West

Love Lockdown (CDQ)

I'm not even commenting on on the image...


DO NOT fuck with McLovin

Wow son, wow.


NEW Pacific Division

Track is entitled, Wake Up. Needed this joint in my life homie. Click on the image to download.



O'Reilly vs. Obama: Vol.3

More of the madness as usual

But of course,


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Because Indie Rock just doesn't get enough respect...

*ahem* What know you of People in Planes?

"If You Talk Too Much, My Head Will Explode", directed by Joaquin Phoenix

The indie quintet hails from Wales [+5 GFN Points for pointless rhyming]. Initallly being compared to Radiohead [not always in a good way], they offer a mellow, alternative sound, at times bordering on the progressive. Their first album, As Far As the Eye Can See, dropped back in '06, featuring the above video as their first single. Two years later, they return to the scene. Peep the cover art:

Album drops September 9th. That would

New singles? Of course. Here's the video they dropped for "Pretty Buildings":

Like? Good, for I bring more. I give thee the first official single from the new album, "Mayday (M'aidez)". It's a pretty nice track, not quite uptempo, and a little edgier than their earlier work. Bone apple teat.

Hope you enjoy. That's all, bipeds.

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New Metallica...

Metallica - "The Day That Never Comes"

It's a decent song. My only complaint is with the abundance of war-themed music videos. And it's a little long, but...still decent. Their album, Death Magnetic, drops September 12th, produced by one of rock's finest, Rick Rubin.

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Because there's two sides to every story...

Who's the real menace? You be the judge...

A semi-decent attempt at thriller/dramedy.

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Noel Gallagher has a lot of enemies...

Apparently at a show in Toronto, one of the evening's concert-goers jumped on stage unnoticed and pushed the Oasis frontman into the Monitors on stage. Gallagher suffered from a rib fracture and a torn ligament, but went on stage after a slight hiatus to finish the evening's show.

The 47 year old man involved in the assault has been detained and is expected to face charges for assault.



This is obviously a demo/uncompleted version of the song. I do however like the direction where the song is going.

This song is courtesy of this gentleman

Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit. Think about what would happen if Indie Rock had a baby with African Music, but the baby was hit by a L.E.S. bus while it was being born. Yup.

Anywho, the beloved Blow-Us item. A song by Esau Mwamwaya featuring M.I.A. and Santogold, entitled Get It Up. Click on the image above to download it.