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Friday, September 26, 2008

Heard ya moms be waxin polls...

Yop-yop, new poll on the site [to the right, to the right].

Here were the results from the last poll:

Who demonstrates the most heinous use of Auto-Tune?

Lil Wayne; I'm not a large fan of codeine-induced contraltos.655%

T-Pain STILL holds the to speak.327%

Kanye West; "Love Lockdown" was NOT the business.218%

Along with a comment left from one of our ever-faithful readers, gamalam:

Man, Weezy F has the setting on Autotune to the point where you can barely hear what he says sometimes on songs. It's supposed to fix your vocals, not distort it. Case in point, T-Pain's latest single that features Wayne. What the hell does Wayne say? I mean, I love T-Pain's verses... "I put you up in a mansion, somewhere out in WisCANsin" - IG'NANT GENIUS!

That's a vote for [or against?] Wayne, obviously.

Rules are just the same as last time: click to vote, leave a comment if you like, and poll closes in a week. That's Fri, Oct. 3rd, at midnight. [Zee-row hundred hours for the Army brats.]

And as always, your readership and participation is paramount.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

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