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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pay what you OWE!! [Exclusives on deck.]

So...because I live a busy life, and because Bouier enjoys fucking with me [ask if you don't believe], there have been a lot of videos shown here that have gone unripped. Well...that will be rectified as of now. That's right, exclusives aplenty; I figure it couldn't hurt our page stats to give you something you won't find anywhere else. Just remember who loves you. Let us begin.

First off, the audio rip of the Junya Watanabe MAN Autumn-Winter 2007-08 show. Upon ripping it, I found it rather catchy, and was determined to find the tracklisting of the mix. Peep:
1.Goose - "Check"
2. Goose - "Everybody"
3.Goose - "Black Gloves"
4.Goose - "British Mode"
5.Vitalic - "Newman"
Goose is a Belgian electro rock collective, and Vitalic is a French electro artist, in case you were wondering. I'd link you to samples of their work, but...I suppose the mix will serve that purpose, no? Here you go.
Oh, peep the officials:

Next, the two new Lupe joints from when he performed at IU, previewing the new cuts for LupEND. Peep here and here. Also, Lupe's freestyle over the "Dear Summer" beat; enjoy.


Bringing their new single "Dollar or More", live on Ellen Degeneres' show. Bone apple teat.

A while ago, Bouier dropped the Dior Homme fashion show vid, for which French electro house group Justice did the soundtrack. Then I brought the audio rip. Then a few days ago, Bouier dropped what I assume will be the radio edit, truncated and with an extra guitar solo. [EDIT: The shorter version is just the last four minutes of the full version.] So I now bring the full version, same as the audio rip from before, except now in CD quality. "Planisphere" is unique because it offers a focused attempt at the classical baroque stylings that Justice usually only provides on the breaks of their other songs. 17 [count 'em] seventeen minutes long, and worth every second. Click the pic above, or click here.

M.I.A.'s demo of "Rain Dance". Here you go.

And as [almost] always, the Beloved Bone-Us Item:

I bring the instrumental for Common's "Announcement", featuring and produced by Pharrell. Click the pic.

*whew* That was a long one. [That's what she said.]

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

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