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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mos Def - The Estatic Album Sampler

Let me be the first to say, that this album sounds as amazing as you would expect it to. With that being said, click on the image for the link.



The Limits of Control - Review

Went to check this out last night...sigh...where do I begin...

This film had a lot of potential to be really cool. Espionage, a jive-walking silent bad-ass who performs a daily Kata to center himself, European failed me. It felt like a Peyote induced high for about 2 hours that I couldn't slip out of if I tried. Abysmal, in a (nice) word, defines this movie. Starting off really dope with interesting quips and coded terminology, the film seems to never find a plot nor decode the terminology for any of the viewers to understand. What you're left with, however, is about 120 minutes of mind numbing walking, aural motifs, a nude muse, and countless matchboxes that are so esoteric that you begin to care less and less about what the hell they could possibly mean. Oh and lest we forget...two espressos - in separate cups. It plays out like a bad student film from beginning to end, with a story that only makes sense to the Director and Writer. The one shining glimmer in this surrealist ego trip is the Cinematography which, if nothing else, seems as if it was thought out while sober. If you feel like wasting a few hours of your day, by all means, go see this film. However, if you're looking for something fun to watch, go see Star Trek.

Rating: A Single Bouier eyebrow-raise out of 5

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~Bouier (aka TLSW5000)