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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Only Sneakers Worth Mentioning Right Now

Because most of the trash that is coming out nowadays isn't even worth dignifying...The sneaker game is getting raped like breakdancing in the mid/late 80s.


Nike ACG Blazers. These joints are dope as hell to me and probably comfortable as all hell, since the ACG series is being designed specifically with the Outdoorsmen in mind. AND, if you can come across these joints you get extra points for accessorizing...

There is also a Windbreaker that goes with the pack...I can't give you everything to look at, find it on your own.

Next up,

The Asics Gel Lyte III. Easily the most slept on sneaker for some reason. If you recall from the last sneaker post that we put up, I had two joints in there that were also Gel Lyte Tres. For some reason, people are sleeping on these joints! They're mad comfy, affordable, and as an added incentive for you wack ass ninjas who don't like searching for sneakers; they've started carrying these jawns in Foot Locker son! Da Fugg? Then again, that doesn't mean shit though...Last time I went into FL I saw some some Charles Barkley's, some Foamposites, some Penny's, AND the Hot Lava Air Max 95 Revivals...I'm not explaining that shit for you if you don't know what they are...Google It.

Finally, the shit that pisses me off.

Air Max 90 Infrared Retros....excuse me, why are we Retro'in a shoe from 2 years ago son? Granted, these joints were ill. But they are retro'in these jawns after only 2 years, and after they dropped an alternate version to them about 2 months ago? Nike is reaching son...the Winter Collection had best be nice...

Half-assed Sneaker're welcome.


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