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Friday, September 26, 2008

40 Fonzarelli....

New vid:

E-40 (feat. Akon) - "Wake Up"

     As you can see, 40 has dreads now, as he promised us in some earlier song I can quite remember at the moment.  They're oddly fitting on him, though; distracts you from the fact that his glasses are five sizes too small.  I'm not too sure about this song.  It's definitely a step away from anything from his last album, the hyphy oozing My Ghetto Report Card.  But Akon's on it, and he's been known to make hits out of songs, so...we'll see.  Personally, I'm giving it a 2.5 on the Shrug Scale.  The aurora borealis in the vid is cool, though.  And I believe that's Nick Cannon DJing near the end.

And now, the Beloved Bone-Us Item:

The song is actually E-40's, but...figured a picture of Gucci Mane would be more entertaining.  Also...I'm fairly certain there won't [m]any other opportunities to show Gucci with his shirt off [pause], so here ya go.

E-40's "The Recipe", featuring Gucci Mane & Bun B.  It's also a step away from the sound of his last album, but not so mainstream.  The sample chop in the chorus was semi-interesting. Not a bad song, though.  E-40 must like Bun B a lot as a rapper; he was on two songs off of Report Card.  Bun B switches the topic slightly, offering a different recipe.  Hmm...let's give it a 3.5 on the Shrug Scale.  Oh, click the pic.

That's all, bipeds.

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