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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phonte doesn't sleep... I, along with Bouier and a thousand other Socialite friends o'mine, had the pleasure of attending the Little Brother concert last Saturday. It was thoroughly entertaining; in addition to playing all the fan favorites [and a few surprise joints], and killing the freestyle segment, dudes were basically clowning from start to finish.

After the show, they had the traditional shirt-and-CD stand. While most of the fans were more interested in the garments [Bouier purchased the shirt above], I happened to notice a particular CD:

Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80's.

I'd heard of this effort, but knew very little. Here are the facts: Phonte [opting for the name "Tigallo", seen on the right with the Soul Glo], hooked up with Detroit born, DC based producer Lorenzo Ferguson [that's Zo!, on the left] with the intention of dropping an EP full of 80's covers. Yes, it sounds [and looks, judging by the album cover] like some silly shit, right? I assure you, this is a full fledged effort. Here, I'll prove it:

Level 42 - "Something About You"

And the cover:

Pretty decent, yes? Dudes put serious work in. do you get it? I'm...not sure. It's extremely limited edition [2500 units], and isn't available on Amazon or iTunes. I'd say...hit the concert. Or there might be some obscure place online that sells them. [I know this because I've checked.] I might post some more at a later date. But until then, give the drummer some.

Socialite Sign-off...

post script: oh, you didn't forget about the new Foreign Exchange album, did you? because it's out...

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