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Monday, October 27, 2008

Look what I've found...

Hey, it's Illa J.

Oh, you don't know who he is? That's a probble for you, especially if you consider yourself a Dilla fan. Yeah...major probble.

Illa J's J Dilla's younger bro. [Notice the vernacular similarities.] He produces, raps, and sings a little.

Well, in any event, Illa J's debut album, Yancey Boys, has leaked into the blogosphere. The album is made entirely from previously unreleased Dilla tracks [hence the title, Yancey Boys {peep Illa J's right eye}]. It's pretty chill as a whole, making for good nighttime riding [read: weed smoking] music. Peep the track listing:

01. Timeless 03:11
02. We Here 04:10
03. R U Listenin'? (feat. Guilty Simpson) 04:20
04. Alien Family (By Frank Nitty) 02:18
05. Strugglin' 03:23
06. Showtime 03:45
07. Swagger 03:33
08. Mr. Shakes (a.k.a. Affion Crockett) (Skit) 00:44
09. DFTF (feat. Affion Crockett) 04:24
10. All Good 03:05
11. Sounds Like Love (feat. Debi Nova) 03:25
12. Everytime 04:32
13. Illasoul 03:48
14. Air Signs 03:26

Alright, you know the routine: click the pic, jack the track.


Have you listened? Good. Now...where's that sample from?

Damn YouTube slideshows...

Oh...give the brother some.

Socialite Sign-off...

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