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Friday, October 10, 2008

The McCain-Palin Mob

Observe if you will, those who will stand with you at the polls.

Now I have no problem with a person having an opinion. Even if that opinion is biased, ignorant, lacks facts to back itself, etc. However what I do have is a problem is narcissistic people who impose their belief upon you. I don't do machocism, go get your kicks elsewhere. BUT WAIT, there is a part 2!

Once again, no problem with you voicing your opinion. What I do have a problem with however is that Sambo-ass Bobblehead you have there as well as you teaching your children that "you need gloves to touch him." Excuse me? Children don't learn that kind of speech on their own, and if by some strange circumstance that they do, most normal thinking parents reprimand them. That is two words short of calling him a *ahem* Dirty Nigger. And that shit, I do take offense to. Also, in regard to both of the videos, when did it become against the law in a country where CHURCH and STATE are seperated, and everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe, that Muslims are just all around wrong and terrorist? The fuck? They must be terrorist by "association" and because of their names. However, the Ku Klux Klan, who has a national headquarters, address, and phone number; and are all a part of the Protestant belief aren't? I suppose since they are, everyone that I know that is Protestant is a terrorist as well, at least in my eyes.

Sigh...when will people semi-related news...and I suppose you could call this a Blow-Us Item...the same people, just this time in Pennsylvania.

"Commie Faggot"? Wow...

In closing all that I want to say is this. When you go to vote, seriously consider the options. Don't vote because you are registered one way or because your party has traditionally done certain things. Vote for who you think is the better candidate. Who has the ability to lead this country of yours, and mines, to the best of their ability. I'm not voicing my opinion for either party, simply saying, consider the things that are most important to you, how they affect your life and the lives or potential lives of your children. Don't vote because someone looks like you, or acts like you, or you feel you can relate to them, or have a beer with them, etc. Don't vote because the person closely resembles you in anyway, because those things do NOT matter in the end. To draw juxtaposition to this statement; I consider myself a very intelligent individual of sound and rational mind. Furthermore, I consider myself a very apt leader who examines things from an utilitarian stance rather than from an egotistic and self-centered stance. However, if placed in the position to lead this country, I do not think that I have the ability, steel will, or capability to do so. Reverse this situation if you will. Place yourself in my spot and highlight your strong points, now relate them to the candidates.

I warned you ninjas, first Tropic Thunder now this.

One day you will listen to me, until then simply address me as,


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gamalam said...

What's wrong with Tropic Thunder?

And... I appreciate your comments on making objective decision on who we put in office. It's good to see more smart folks that think similarly.

Check out the speech we speak over at, which is an attempt to rally forward-thinking youngins and inspire them to make change in our communities.