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Thursday, October 23, 2008

NEW Feist Video

Feist - Honey Honey from on Vimeo.

Not necessarily highlighting the artist, but the video is in fact artistically dope. Furthermore, Feist's voice is just so damn intoxicating....think not...Alright, looks like I have to do this shit again.

Gate Keeper, proving my point...still not convinced?

Inside and Out, which no matter what else I try to think about reminds me of a shopping spree in Paris. Even though I haven't gone on one, I can assume when I do this song will be playing in the back of my head.

Bonus Item? Well, since I've been a bad blogger, (which I can promise isn't my fault completely. Been consumed with various things.) here you are.

HongKongATon by the Gorillaz. Very obscure song, yet very dope.


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