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Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Keri Hilson singles.

     It's Keri.  Had to make sure I got a decent pic; not sure how often she'll pop up on the blog.  Anyway, new song.  "Return the Favor", featuring [and produced by] Timbaland [and Danja?]  Sounds like carnival calliopes at first, but that impression fades after a sec.  More of your standard Timbo crossover formula, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.   Umm...4 on the Shrug Scale.  Click the pic. dat Bone-Us!!!

    It's also from Keri Hilson, but with Lil Wayne.  No, don't make that face.  No one's sure which of these tracks is to be her second single, but I'm leaning towards the former, as it sounds slightly more pop-friendly. [even though it's been shown and proven that Lil Weezy-Wee moves the units, yes?]  This one is called "Turn Me Off", produced by Polow Da Don.  The songwriting is a little different, which is a nice touch.  And Lil Wayne's verse is frighteningly decent. seriously; the punch lines make sense again, and there's no Auto-Tune.  With that in mind...another 4 on the Shrug Scale.  Clickity-click.

And...that's all, bipeds.

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