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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Common & Pharrell vid.

Common & Skateboard are back at it, c/o Hype Williams, or "Hype TV" in this joint. [Remember "Hype Warhol" from the "Everybody Nose" remix vid? Yop-yop.]

     In all honesty, the video isn't terribly interesting; yes, it's techy and such, but after that, it doesn't really do anything else.  The video for "Announcement" was better.  I'm also glad Hype saved us from having to see Pharrell in two consecutive Common videos.  No, a robot's head doesn't count.  But the song is dope, so it's tolerable.  It's ever better to see live [which reminds me, pics from the Common x N*E*R*D concert coming soon].

Oh, and peep Pharrell's robo-eyes.  Definitely a nod to HAL 9000.

That's all, bipeds.

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