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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look what I found...

Doing my usual blog perusing, I managed to find a high quality leak of the deluxe edition of this album. Peep the track listing:

01. Good Morning (Intro)
02. Green Light (Ft. Andre 3000)
03. It’s Over (Ft. Kanye West)
04. Everybody Knows
05. Quickly (Ft. Brandy)
06. Cross The Line
07. No Other Love (Ft. Estelle)
08. This Time
09. Satisfaction
10. Take Me Away
11. Good Morning
12. I Love, You Love
13. If You’re Out There
14. Can’t Be My Lover (Bonus Track)
15. It’s Over (Teddy Riley Remix) (Bonus Track)

No, I'm not posting it; get your own. Aww...don't make that face. *sigh* Fine, I'll drop a track. One. Click the pic. And don't say I've never given you anything. And don't be surprised if this entry gets deleted or something.

Actually...feeling ballsy...I'll drop another.

Props? Give the drummer some.

Socialite Sign-off...

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kyra said...

since when i gotta find out about stuff like THIS with the... public???

real cool, murph, REAL cool...