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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ya homie Weezie in more Trouble...

Remember when your boy got sued over not clearing the sample he used for I Feel Like Dying? Yea, well, it happened again. The song on his album entitled Playing with Fire contains a sample from a Rolling Stones song entitled Play with Fire. And allegedly, he didn't get this one cleared either...Damn Weezie.

Now, I'm not even a fan of the homie, but I do feel like this ninja needs to stop wasting his money on frivolous shit like getting taxed because he was too lazy to pay for publishing rights.

To make matters worse, the publishing company that owns the song claims that Wayne revamps many of the song's lyrics to make them his own, and that they aren't exactly *ahem* pleased with the tone presented behind the lyrics.

The lawsuit filed speaks unspecified damages and is filed in Manhattan

Source: Reuters UK

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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