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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spike Lee

Now even though, in my personal moments where I have met "Your Favorite Filmmakers, Favorite Filmmaker," he has been say the least. Kinda can't blame the brother, imagine how many "good ideas" he gets on a regular basis. But this one, oh this one, takes the cake; can't say I didn't see it coming however.

At the Guggenheim Honors award festival, Sheldon felt it necessary to address the homie Tyler Perry. He is quoted as saying, "I’d love to see a great film about Martin Luther King,” Lee said. “But I can’t do everything." At this point he paused, let off a slick grin, because he knew what was to be said next would be timeless and great for ages to come. He would continue to say, "I gotta leave something for Tyler Perry...I made the movie Bamboozled, " as a somewhat sudoku style retort saying that who he feels is the modern master of the minstrel should take a stab at a, dare I say it, REAL MOVIE.


Well, can't say that I wasn't saying it a few years back...but I guess it takes a real O.G. to make the homies in the streets realize what's what.

Thanks to the homies at Silver Docs for the story.

*Added Reinforcements*

Fast forward to about 2:00 and listen to the question and watch the reactions...damn homie...

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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