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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Firefox McCloud

Aah, he retoins.

OK,'s a few of the things that sit in my lobe...

Disturbed, Indestructible, 2008 (Reprise)

Yes, it's metal. Yes, there are songs about death, and insanity, and suicide. Yes, it's abrasive. But honestly, hating on rock just because it's rock is so '90's. And even for metal, it's a pretty clean sound; guitar riffs, jagged yet melodic, complement catchy, anthemic lyrics for a radio-friendly sound. Download: "Indestructible", "Inside the Fire", "Perfect Insanity".

Bumps, Bumps, 2007 (Stones Throw)

A reliable source hit me with this gem. Stones Throw Records collaborated with instrumental post-rock band Tortoise [I'll probably mention them in a later post] to drop an instrumental breakbeat album, processed, mixed, and made ultra-gritty. Attention all crate-diggers: this album is begging to be chopped for sample usage. Where can you find it? Hmm...not sure. I can't reveal my source, for [less than] obvious reasons. It's not on the Stones Throw website anymore, advice would be to Google it. Oh, and it's on vinyl. Like I said, crate-diggers, start your tables!!!

MSTRKRFT, The Looks, 2006 (Universal)

I see you, Steven Q. Hipster: riding around in your silver Miata, rocking your slightly frayed bright red scarf, which subtly clashes with your hot pink novelty tee, black studded belt, super tight jeans, and vintage Nikes. Oh, you claim to be in tune with the electro movement, but whenever someone asks you to name your favorite bands, all you can say is "Uhh...Justice?" Let's hop off the bandwagon for just a second. MSTRKRFT offers the crunchy, abrasive basslines associated with electro house, but also brings the simplistic, easygoing lyrics that one would expect from everyday dance tunes. Download: "Work On You", "Easy Love", "Paris".

Well...I suppose that's enough for now; I'd hate to overload your senses. Until next time...

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