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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Freshness takes No Days Off I sit quarter watching Scrubs, quarter listening to Wale, quarter working on the various sites for Bob's Classic Kicks that I'm in charge of revamping, quarter eating my Cereal Salad (That's the joint where you run out of one cereal so you gotta mix it with another one of equal or lesser value to make a full bowl so you don't waste any milk...don't front like you've never done it...), I run across these ill ass jump offs that I have been patiently awaiting to drop.
Yea, the Vans Skate Hi Cargo Pocket Editions. Cause I held you up on the Sharkley's I will steer you to these, but they are guaranteed to fly off of shelves act swiftly...

Check out Standard to cop a pair, the tag is set at 80 All American Bill-folds.

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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