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Friday, July 25, 2008

I Put On For My City...

Since I tire of hearing everyone in Detroit complain about the fact that there "isn't anything to do here." Here is my attempt to break the monotony. This section is also open to those who live in supposedly hum-drum cities, feel free to email me with your hang out spots and I will do my best to put them up in a prompt manner. Email:

With that being said.

Here are some put ons for those available in the Metro Detroit area.

Spectacles Detroit

230 E. Grand River Harmonie Park
Downtown Detroit
313 963-6886

Yo, little did I know. But this spot is definitely as old as me, in fact it is older than me by a year. Definitely a spot to check out, dope as hell. Its nestled into the same building as Wolverine Furs and right down the street from the new stadiums. They carry 10 Deep threads as well as Detroit lines and shirts that show off your Motor City pride. They also carry music and movies for those that are interested in the arts. More so, they support local acts and just so happen to put on local events that boast such DJ's as House Shoes...I'm sorry if you don't know who House is, you need to move from the D ASAP. More so, if you aren't even from here, you need to be put on to that man as well. Here, I will help. Definitely worth the patronage, cool ass peeps up in there.


DSE Detroit

202 E. Grand River
Detroit, Mi 48221
(313) 963-0533

Right down the street from the homies over at Spectacles, we got the homies at DSE. Fresh little spot that sells Tees and Random Accessories, and they are fresh may I add. Shop was created by a photographer so you know I got love for them and more so, THE TEES ARE HELLA FRESH! Get down with the get down, holla at the homies.


Studio Couture Detroit

1433 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Mi 48226

For those of you who are more into what's the sway of fashion, this is the place for you. Immediately when you walk in you get a feeling of high urban fashion, think Pharrell, Kanye, Fergie, Gwen, etc. Soon as you walk in, you're greeted with kicks and kind of spot...The owners, are yet again, mad chill. And if you shop for hella long, you can change and go right across to the clubs/restaurants/lounges located on or by Woodward or the Campus Martius area. You know what it is. Holla at the homies.

Website: (under construction as I've been told)

Vicente's Cuban Cuisine

(313) 962-8800
DETROIT, MI 48226-2252

I also feel like I shouldn't have to explain this. But I will, briefly however. I haven't eaten here, yet, however if you know Cuban food like I do, it's guaranteed to be delicious. Get at them, the menu is online.



Oslo Detroit
1456 Woodward
Detroit, Mi

Yea, you know that little spot that you always drive past on Woodward that you think isn't jack shit for some reason because it's only a small white building...yea, well...psych. Oslo is not only a Sushi Bar, but a Thai Restaurant, carries a few Singapore inspired dishes, Lounge, Bar, and Club all in one...and yes, it goes down. Located right below the main restaurant area lies the basement which is very spacious and houses events such as Hot, Buttered Soul regularly. More so, Oslo is the HOME of their infamous cocktail, the Space Odyssey 2001 (Which is not for the faint of livers). Did I mention that the food is bomb, definitely the chill spot of the year. You may see me in there more than a few times.


That's all I got for now, feel free to email the aforementioned email with your suggestions. Also if you are an establishment and you want to be mentioned on here, feel free to email. Like I said, I will answer and post as the time permits.

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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