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Friday, July 25, 2008

SO, You Got A Date Coming Up Soon, huh?

The Watchmen Trailer: Based on a popular Graphic Novel, so it shall be action packed. It also boast the director of the wildly popular film, 300; some of you may know him as Zack Snyder...need some extra incentive ladies? Did I mention that Common is supposedly in it? No, well, I just did.

Max Payne Trailer: Based on a popular Video Game of the same title, so yet again it should be action packed. Directed by John Moore, who just so happened to direct the recent remake of The Omen; which unlike many of you I enjoyed for various reasons. But with that being said, the film will have a dark undertone, which is perfect for the story. Guys, need some added incentive...did I mention Mila Kunis is in the film, No? Well, I just did.

RocknRolla Trailer: New Guy Ritchie film, inspired most likely by Madonna (they're married). Not only am I a fan of caper films, I'm a pretty big Ritchie fan so I will definitely go see this. Added incentive on this one, less than normal cinematography and a few big names to boast. If you need to catch up on his style I would recommend you to view a few if not all of his titles. They include; Snatch; Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels; Revolver; and the Viral short, Star.

Terminator - Salvation: C'mon...Do I really have to explain this one? Ok, slight synopsis...remember how Aah'noll came back to save the little boy in the second Terminator (the one with T-1000 aka The Most Awesome One), well...yea, this is what he saved him for. The little boy is now Christian Bale - who has made the most awesome Hollywood facelift from that weird guy in American Psycho and the guy with the lisp in that kinda cool but wacky movie Equilibrium to Batman; and he is back to save the world from complete and utter destruction.

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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