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Friday, July 25, 2008

Day + Night

Day + Night is a section of the blog that I would like to take out every now and again and dedicate it solely to fashion. The title is basically a twist of how it will work, I will suggest a certain piece and that will be the base item. Then based solely off of that piece I will present to you two ensembles, one that you should wear during the day the other during the night life scene. So with that being said, this week's item is....

The Seersucker pant. Perfect for the summer because of its breath-ability and as you can see from the picture on the side comes in a variety of colors; I personally own the traditional blue pair as well as an olive pair.

Day: I would suggest either the traditional blue or if you're daring, one of the brighter colors, during the day. Especially if it's warm, the brighter the better actually. Pair this with either a short sleeve button down solid shirt, white is the universal solvent, or a slim cut polo. ALWAYS FORM FITTING AND SLIM CUT, baggy polos are not the business. Make sure that you leave the top button unbuttoned and that there is no tee shirt visible underneath. Couple the two with a pair of casual low top sneakers, such as an Adidas Stan Smith or Vans Classic Lace Up Low. And Viola, fresh, relaxed, chill, casual, stylish. For bonus style points, you can roll up the pant legs slightly to show a little ankle. The roll however should go no further than the top of your ankle and you should also boast a little color/tan if you decide to go this route.

Night: With the same pant, I would suggest a little more subtle of a color; Perhaps an Olive or Sky Blue. Matching this color with a long sleeve button down with the sleeves rolled slightly to the wrist, the pant legs should not be rolled at this point. As for the color of the shirt, I would suggest black, perhaps a salmon; and for the sky blue a white, or perhaps a canary yellow. Remember, always wear shirt that fits you. Know your sizes PLEASE, anything that is larger than your size completely throws off the ensemble. I would suggest a belt, but depending on your confidence level that is up to your discretion. Throw on the loafers, no socks, and as always an ill timepiece. Complete.

Once again, remember that these are just my suggestions. You know your style and what compliments you.

You can find a pair of Seersucker pants in several places; one of your local Haberdasheries or even Urban Outfitters. They can run anywhere from $9.99 (Jos. A Banks is having a sale right now) to about $99.00.

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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