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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Basic About Me Post

I figure before I go headfirst into this blog, which is most likely going to be about things that I think are fresh and I feel like sharing with you, I should tell you some things about myself.

You can address me as Bouier or Nikk, or one of the many nicknames I go by...the Newest one is the Light Speed Warrior.

What do I do? Well, I'm a recent College grad (Morehouse College, C/o 2008; Business Administration with a focus in Marketing), getting ready to go to Film School in September so as you may assume I'm interested in Directing, Producing, and Screen Writing. Just finished up a short documentary which should be out of post production some time soon. Should also be working on a few short narratives as well, also my first feature within the next year.

Work at my father's practice in the Marketing Department (actually, I am the marketing department), might as well put the degree to use, correct? Also, preparing to intern at a local sneaker boutique, *ahem, shameless plug* BOB'S CLASSIC KICKS, BOB'S CLASSIC KICKS, BOB'S CLASSIC KICKS, also within the marketing realm. As you can also assume, that is where the title comes from, every day is a switch between Sneakers and Suits, the balance is what's important.

Continuing, entrepreneurial efforts. I'm working on several small business, one is (you guessed it) advertising and such. The such being webdesign, branding, marketing, etc. *ahem, another shameless plug* CHOSENCREATIVE.COM, CHOSENCREATIVE.COM, CHOSENCREATIVE.COM Back to the stuff, Events Planning and Coordination...Next year, in the planning stages. Online Magazine, in the planning and implementation stages right now, coming soon.

What am I into, the art, sports, film, photography, fashion, music, cartoons, etc. Pretty normal guy, with a fairly colorful view of the world.

Well, that's about it for now. Like I said, the blog will consist of shit I think is cool and wish to share with you. So just like 90% of the other shit that's out there, so I should also have about 90% of their readers.

See you soon.

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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