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Friday, July 25, 2008

Step Lightly

Back into it.

Asics Gel III x Alife
First colorway is the Grey Jawn, fresh. The second is the curry freshness, dopetastic. What's the Tagg? 189.01 off of I like the tag on the Curry ones, reminds me of a Manhattan Portage Bag. But I digress.

Here comes Nike SB's August Releases

Outside of the second and third jawns, I'm not really impressed by these recycled ass colorways. But if you're into it, rush to your local skateshop that offers SB and cop a few.

Moving on,

Here are the homies Alife again with the collab with Reebok. These are stain resistant. That doesn't mean you should go ape shit on them, but rest assured that you feet will remain fresh in tough conditions. Prices vary, they may be cheaper in stores than they are on the net.

Next, something that I count to be certified freshness....

The Air Sharkleys...Its no way you can tell me that these shits ain't on deck as FUCK. What? Them jawns go hella hard....About $85 on the tag...but first you gotta find them...and I have to secure my pair before I go tell...Sorry.


Some New Balance freshness for you, available via Atmos Tokyo, if you can read Japanese...if not, then the tag is about $100 for both of them.


The Court Force High with the MILKY colorway...ouch...also on Atmos Tokyo, price tag at about $130

I think that's enough for right now...

Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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