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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Simply because new ideals keep the food fresh...

Greetos.  Wanted to start something new here at the site.

It's called Rare Gems.  Peep the pic!

Sexiness c/o Aurora Pyramid of Hope

     But I digress.  Yes, Rare Gems will be the segment in which we drop [wait for it...] gems that are of rare commodity.  Old or new [most likely the former], joints featured here will be obscure and/or unreleased material, serving no purpose other than to educate the masses and flesh out otherwise light-weighted iTunes collections [*ahem* 138 GB, but no one likes a showboat, so...].   I'm not promising that all of the gems will be priceless, but who doesn't enjoy a nice cubic zirconium once in a while?  Let's go on...

     So...for some reason, people think that Timbaland and Pharrell are rivals.  Not true at all.

     Way back when [circa early 90's], T&P had formed a collective with Magoo called SBI [that's S.urrounded B.y I.diots].  Though no material from that era has been released, there are more recent collaborations between the three that have been made public.  The first I bring to thee is an unreleased joint that didn't quite make it on Pharrell's solo debut.  Produced by Skateboard, with Timbaland & Magoo, it's entitled "Big White Spaceship".  *ahem*  I dare not say what it's about.  Bon appetitty.

     Timbaland also produced a joint for SBI, originally meant to be on his and Magoo's Under Construction II.  Unfortunately, like "Big White Spaceship", this song also didn't make the cut.  It's called "Vulnerable", and while I have a feeling most people will end up like "Spaceship" better, it's still a decent cut, and offers us the opportunity to hear Timbaland's falsetto.  What?  Come on, don't make that face.  Give it a chance.

     And, as [almost] always, the Beloved Bone-us item, a reward for your much appreciated readership.  I bring you a remix of Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger", by Coin Operated Boy.  Today's Beloved Bone-us is provided c/o Stoney Roads.  It's more electrified than the original,'s worth a listen.  Enjoy.

That's all, bipeds.

Socialite Sign-off...

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