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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As if you needed ANOTHER reason to f*** with Clipse...

Peeped this from elitaste:

*ahem*  Closer look:

Included, among other things, was a formal letter:

The letter reads:
     If you are receiving this package, know that you are one of the select few that we consider as taste makers and trendsetters and we are privileged to unveil to you the Play Cloths Collection: the fruit of our vision, toil, and ideas.

     The vision of Play Cloths derives from early childhood memories of your mother designating the clothes that were just for school and the ones for play.  This idea had been adapted to our everyday lives...whether you're at play on the streets of Harlem or on the beaches of San Tropez.

     The enclosed garment is just the humble beginnings of what will become a strong movement.  Throughout out travels we have amassed not only a passionate fan base, but also a appreciation for style, quality and individuality.  The end result will be reflected in the output from out brand.  With this we initiate you into the circle.  Wear our insignia with pride.

Welcome to our gang,
Pusha Malice
Pusha & Malice

Behold the swag.  [Not "swagg", but "swag".  Wik it up.]

Stickers and such. AND:

Peep that only the left shorts leg and right knee sock have the argyle pattern.  Attention to detail, FTW.

And as always, the beloved bone-us item:

New song from John Legend - "If You're Out There", live at the Democratic National Convention.  Because even metrosexual soul crooners can fall victim to propaganda.  And because no good YouTube video should go unaccompanied [and because iTunes and YouTube aren't integrated...yet], I bring you the mp3 link of the song in question.  Enjoy.  
Oh, apparently that version is different from the live version slightly, so I'll give you the live joint as well.  Bon appetit.  

And that, bipeds, is all.

Socialite Sign-off...

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