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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Preface is NOT pronounced "PREE-face". Hint: Rhymes with "premise".

Tuesday night, the Light Speed Warrior and I attended the listening party for The Preface, the first solo album  [with distribution] from Slum Village rapper Elzhi.  'twas only five bucks, but...I'd say it was worth ten.  Yes, I know, it's a rare occurrence to hit a club and actually get your money's worth. But the special guests provided bang for the buck. Just peep:

The two DJs of the eve, K-Fresh & DJ Dez, along with Bouier, who was...excited, as you can see.

The show opened with Danny Brown, backed up by Nick Speed.  'twas Speed's birthday, so...he was royally toasted, adding to the night's entertainment even further.

Then the guest of honor himself...

Peep the backpacker on his shirt.  Dope-aholic.

But Elzhi didn't rock the stage alone for long...

Phat Kat doing what he does best.  Also mentioned an upcoming album, Katakombs.

Royce Da 5'9" also came through to perform.  Hinted at an upcoming project with Elzhi and Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk.

With friends like these...

Last but not least...

 T3!!  Didn't perform, but hijacked the mic more than a few times to announce the free Slum Village & Dwele show August 20th at the Elysium.  I suspect he had [more than] a few beers.  A few quotables:
  • Yo, Slum Village AND Dwele, Elysium, the 20th, free. AND Pepsi's sponsoring, so you MIGHT get a free Pepsi."

    "Cop Elzhi's album, or you gettin stabbed!! Bring yo MONKEY ass!"

    "It's free!! You know that means? If you bring money...they won't even take that shit!"

    "Nigga, it's free!!! That's a dollar less than a dollar."

That, followed by the listening to The Preface, wrapped up the evening.  A great Socialite event, if ever there was one.

Next on the Socialite agenda:

That event is happening tonight.  Short notice, I know, but totally worth it.  Come on: Kweli, behind the wheels of steel?  Supposedly black rockess Res will be there also, to help Kweli drop previews for their joint venture, Idle Warship.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I'll be there with camera in hand, so...expect pics soon.  See you there?  

And that, bipeds, is all.

Socialite Sign-off...

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You'd be the first to have it right after us of course at Look Records.

He did it about three days ago.


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