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Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the Olympic Spirit

I'm watching the Men's All Around Gymnastics competition, one part amazed the other part jealous. Why you may ask? Well, because all while the Warrior was a little warrior in training, apprentice if you will; I wanted to be a part of gymnastics. I mean come on, who wouldn't. You get to flip around a lot and roll around like a madman, two things that kids do EVERYDAY! Well, considering that I'm from Detroit, and this story resonates true for almost every other kid who may grow up in a large inner city area, I did not have the chance to partake in the sport. The closest gym for me was about 30 minutes away. This is also the case when it came to hockey, with the additional problem of expensive gear...sigh....

So, with that being said, I felt it necessary to highlight a few of the lesser known more melanin influenced gymnast. And yes, there are a few. They don't, however, get much coverage because they are on pretty bad teams comparatively to the US or China.

Becky Downie - Great Britain
Age: 16
Specialty: Bars
Also competes on the Vault and The Balance Beam

Katheleen Lindor - France
Age: 18
Competes in Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, and Beam

Luis Rivera Rivera - Puerto Rico
Age: 21
Competes All Around

Yann Rayepin - France
Age: 20
Competes All Around, if I am not mistaken. His info is not on the NBC Olympic Website.

Louis Smith - Great Britain
Age: 18
Specializes: Pommel Horse
Also Competes on the Bars

So there you have it, and get your kids(whenever you may have them) involved in they won't be like me when they get older....bitter and looking for adult classes.

Bouier aka The Light Speed Warrior, 5000.

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Glenn said...

Hockey in Detroit? Jack Adams is by Rosedale Park, and the City Ice Arena is downtown by Martin Luther King HS.

For shame.

Also, my sisters did gymnastics growing up -- not top flight, mind you, but there are programs -- ya just gotta look.