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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just because you're not holding a textbook doesn't mean I'm not educating you...

What know you of Hot Chip?

"Ready for the Floor", from their latest album, Made in the Dark.

"Playboy", from the first album Coming On Strong.

Hot Chip is an UK electropop collective, with a interesting sound.  Yes, I'm sure every band thinks they have a unique sound, but this is different.  Not quite minimalist blippy electro jams [or ballads, such as the latter of the two videos] complement the voices of lead vocalists Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, whose offer mellow, sometimes soulful, lyrics that never seem to be out of place.  Their second and third albums, The Warning and Made in the Dark, respectively, have been highly acclaimed in Mixmag.  The first and third albums are my favorites, personally.  I do believe all of their albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.  Oh, peep the official:

And that'd be all, bipeds.

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