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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Because offering gifts will probably atone for my lesser sins...

Yes, as you read a few entries Pryor [obviously misspelled on purpose, for no good reason], I dropped some musical juiciness [never saying that again] on Bouier.  He mentioned Sam Sparro:

His first single "Black & Gold".  As mentioned before, Sparro is new on the house scene, and possesses a voice of [black &] gold.  The eponymous album is on iTunes now.  Peep the officials:

*ahem*  What know you of J*DaVeY?
"Mr. Mister"
An uber-eclectic swirl of electro, funk and soul, J*Davey  personifies progression.  The syrupy vocals of St. Louis born Jack Davey seduce the ears, whilst the sonic backdrops provided by Los Angelican producer Brook D'Leau move rumps by the [m]asses.  As ?uestlove so eloquently put it, "J*DaVeY is the swift kick in the ass I've been waiting for Black music to produce!"  Their double disc EP, Beauty in Distortion / Land of the Lost EPisode, is available on iTunes.  Peep the officials:

And because you've been such a good reader...I bring thee:

The 2005 Guitar Center Drum-off: Adrian Young of No Doubt vs. Travis Barker of Blink*182 and +44.  In all fairness, Travis pwned Young...just being honest.

And that, bipeds, is all.

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