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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heard this on the Radio, so I decide to research a little further...

Police in Colorado, the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are investigating a possible Barack Obama assassination attempt. Aurora, Colorado police arrested 3 men and a woman on drug and weapons charges Sunday. Three of the arrests occurred as the result of a vehicle stop; evidence uncovered in the vehicle led police to a hotel room where a fourth suspect jumped from a fourth floor window to avoid being taken into custody. The suspects in the alleged Obama assassination atttempt are believed to be linked to a white supremacist organization.

Police are investigating whether the 4 suspects intended to carry out the Obama assassination attempt at the Democratic Convention as Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for President Thursday evening. In response to a direct question about whether he came to Denver to assassinate Barack Obama, one suspect is said to have answered "yes." The plot involved shooting a rifle from a distance of 750 yards to carry out the planned Obama assassination. At least one of the rifles in the suspects' car was a sniper rifle.

The United States Attorney's office in Denver will hold a news conference later today to provide information on the status of the investigation into the Obama assassination attempt.

While it is too early to say whether this alleged Obama assassination attempt was substantial, it was almost eerily predictable that it would occur. Even President George W. Bush is said to have privately warned Obama during Obama's first visit to the White House that people would be gunning for him once achieved a national political profile. Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura suggested in April that an Obama assassination might be carried out by the U.S. government if it looked as though Obama was positioned to take the White House in November elections.

Source: Associated Content

To add to this information, the version that I heard, which was given with an interview with one of the people involved, went on to say that in the vehicle there was, "Bulletproof vests, two rifles, scopes, drugs, wigs, IDs for entry into the convention, and parts of a pistol." The gentlemen involved went on to say in his interview that no colored should be in political office.

Damn son....


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