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Monday, August 25, 2008

mp3's o'Fury...& a new Kanye vid!

Been gone  for a min, as you may have noticed...but like a good audit, I return.  Let's get the ball rolling...

Ages ago, Bouier hit you with the YouTube link for N*E*R*D's live video of "Run to the Sun / Stay Together" from '02.  Realizing that bipeds might need that in their life, I *ahem* found the mp3 of that joint, and will provide you with that right about now.  Enjoy.

Now, by association, what know you of Spymob?

[yes, I too hate YouTube slideshows, I could do]

Those of you who owned and loved The Neptunes' Clones would remember the song above, "Half-Steering".  And those of you who know thy history would know that Spymob is the band responsible for the live instrumentation in the re-release of N*E*R*D's In Search Of... and most of the guitar and drum work on Seeing Sounds.  But you might not know that they've released three albums [and an EP] on their own, all of which are available on Ruckus for free [yeah, that's right: fuh-ree.]  Go ahead and make that the business.

And of course, hipster faves Justice are at it again.

This time they're remixing the new single from MGMT [that's pronounced "Management", for those of you with overdeveloped vowel dependencies], entitled "Electric Feel".  It's a little slower than most Justice joints, but all the familiar elements are there, so...still enjoyable.  Enjoy.  

Keeping the hipster theme going, I bring thee:

Kanye West - "Good Morning"

So I remember certain clips from this video back for the TV commercial when the album first dropped almost a year ago.  Video is dope, of course.  Then again, what do you expect from world renowned artist/director Takashi Murakami?  [*ahem* Peep his official.]  Peep near the end of the video, when the DeLorean is flying through a list of Kanye's songs from the album.

And as always, the beloved bone-us item.  Vids aplenty, it would seem.  Peeped this from elitaste:

Wale & Travis Barker at Barker's studio, swapping on each other's upcoming solo debuts.  Peep that Trav's entire drum set [including sticks and cymbals] are black. Dope to the core.  I think it's awesome how Wale incorporates that go-go sound into most of his music.

That's all, bipeds.

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