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Friday, November 21, 2008 never ends...Trick Trick and the Curse of the Yung Berg Chain.

Finally, an official statement from Trick Trick as to the entire Yung Berger situation, brought to us in a satirical point of view.

There are really too many funny moments to name, but...Trick Trick isn't the first one to out the chain as being fake as all hell.  And peep cameos from Lil Wayne, Tupac [yeah, that's right], Big Bird, and Bart Simpson.  Trick Trick also speaks on Berger's "twin" brother [you know...the one that "just touched down"], and gives Maino props.  Shit, Berger himself speaks a few times.  Seriously, it's worth the thirteen minutes of your time.

And no, the Indiana Jones theme doesn't stop.

Oh, here's a bonus:

Warning...there's a Ray J shot in there that you don't want to see.

Give the Transformer some.

Socialite Sign-off...

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