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Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Ad Space: Mickey Factz x Honda

Hipster rapper Mickey Factz gets tapped to do a spot for the Honda Accord:

It's...not bad. In fact, whoever they have in the Marketing department who even knows who Factz is gets my respect. My only complaint is that I get the feeling Honda's getting more out of this than Mickey. If it was A-list artist, such as Common, Snoop, etc., then they would be able to benefit more from the deal, being established artists. But I doubt that Honda is going to take the steps necessary to get Factz that exposure. In fact, anyone who doesn't know who he is will probably assume that he's just a character created by Honda's think tank. Did they even drop a link for his website, at the very least? [Peep the official, by the way.] Nope; they did, however, manage to offer a link for their own campaign. They tried, that enough?


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